My work explores concepts related to genetics, ancestry and weaving history, and expresses these concepts through textile texture and form. Current projects, shown below, are each at different stages. Click on the images to find out more about how these projects are evolving, including work in progress, design inspiration, finished objects and various musings.

This website is a work in progress. Some of the images below link to live pages; other links will be added as content is developed. Check back another time for more info, or get in touch if something you’re looking for is not yet published.

Intergenerational connections

Information flows - close up of handweaving on the loom

Exploring ancestry, genetics and family history of weaving.

Modern heritage

Sketchbook image of pleated paper with painted marks

Expressing genetic ancestry test data as inspiration for modern kilt construction.

Sequence / coalescence

Work in progress on the loom

Working with reference human genome sequence data to develop new woven textile patterns.


Handspun flax tow

Fibre to fabric – exploring nature-based materials & traditional skills.

These projects are possible thanks to generous funding from Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding, Creative Scotland Open Fund, the Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards (funded by Aberdeen City and Creative Scotland) and Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums (Art Fund award).