Modern heritage

What do “identity” and “heritage” mean to you? What do they mean in 21st century Scotland, when we’re all global citizens?

What does it mean to you to "be Scottish"? 
Is it where you're born? 
Where your ancestors come from? 
Where you choose to live?
How do other people know you're Scottish? 
By how you speak? 
By the traditions you observe? 
By what you wear?

This project brings together genetic ancestry testing with traditional Scottish dress in collaboration with bespoke kiltmaker Andrea Chappell of ACME ATELIER. We’re developing ideas for contemporary kilts that embed genetic ancestry information within both the fabric pattern and the kilt construction. By wearing one of these contemporary kilts, you can express your Scottish identity through clothing that is as unique as you.

The links below will be updated as this project progresses.

What is “genetic ancestry information”?

Exploring identity through genetics - ancestry testing results showing the countries that Lynne's DNA maps onto.

How it is incorporated into the handwoven fabric design?

Exploring ancestral identity through weaving - handwoven fabric visualising genetic information.

How is it incorporated in the kilt structure?

Exploring ancestral identity through kiltmaking - pleated paper model of handwoven fabric.

Funded by a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award (Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland), February-August 2021.