Handweaver and scientist…

… exploring scientific concepts through data physicalisation and material exploration.

… developing handwoven textile objects that promote conversations about heritage, connection to place, and identity.

… combining ancestry research, genetic data and explorations of materiality to consider what it means to “be Scottish” (by birth and/or by choice) in the 21st century.


Close up image inside sculptural weave made from jute and linen


Close up of hands weaving a woollen rug at the loom


Surface of a handwoven umbrella cover embellished with yellow, blue and undyed cocoons



Makers taking part in a sharing workshop


This website is a work in progress. Some of the images below link to live pages; other links will be added as content is developed. Check back another time for more info, or get in touch if something you’re looking for is not yet published.

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A pile of flax stricks