One of the things that I love to experiment with in the weaving lab is materials: the input into the weaving process. I want to know where they come from, how they were created, and how I can manipulate their properties to create unexpected forms. Getting hands-on with the materials, and acquiring my own tacit knowledge of their properties, allows me to experiment more deeply. At the root of this is yarn, and the growing and spinning of fibres.

My interest lies particularly in the materials that are (or were) local to the area I live and work in NE Scotland, the ways in which we can better live in harmony with our local environment through working with locally-sourced materials, and the ways that I can create interesting woven objects through my handling and explorations of the materials. So here you’ll find some insights into the materials I work with, why and how.

Hand holding a handspun flax tow skein

Flax & linen

Hand holding carded fleece


Jar of lichen dye

Natural dyes